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We show in this page careers and profiles of our alumni at different stages. For our current and prospective students, this page may give them a glimpse of future career paths and provide them with inspiration. Our alumni can use this page stay in touch. We invite alumni to send your profiles and news to Dr. Yacoub Najjar <>.

Alumni Name Degree/Year Current Occupation
David Carroll BSCE (2003) Owner, D. Carroll Construction, Oxford, MS
Khairy Abu-Salah MS (2003) Environmental Engineer, State Pollution Prevention Coordinator, Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality
Richard Mestayer BSCE (2002) Project Engineer, Lanier and Associates.
Lucy Phillips BSCE (2002) Research Civil Engineer, Engineering Research and Development Center, Corps of Engineers
James L. Caughorn, Jr. BSCE (2001) EIT, Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc., Houston, TX
Lauren Averill BSCE (2001) Safety Advisor, ExxonMobil Development Company
Van Gilbert BSCE (2001) Juris Doctor, University of Mississippi
Amber Miller Cutcliff BSCE (2001) Aviation Engineering, Neel-Schaffer, Inc. ASCE Mississippi Section Younger Members Chairperson
Acey Roberts BSCE (1999) Consulting Engineer, Williford, Gearhart & Knight, Inc.
Muhammad M. Ali BSCE (1999) Assistant Engineer, Neel-Schaffer, Inc
Johnny Kelly BSCE (1998) Yates Construction Co.
Ben Sale BSCE (1998) Lieutenant J.G., US Navy.
Hely Saul Gonzalez BSCE (1998) Lieutenant, Civil Engineer Corps, US Navy
Nichalos D. Gardner BSCE (1997) Director of Public Works, Hinds County, Mississippi
Adel Mahmoud Belal Ph.D. (1997) Associate Professor, Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt
Martin W. Doyle MS (1997) Professor, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University
Pedro "Pete" Rodriguez Ph.D. (1997) Director, Testing Laboratory, Engineering Directorate, NASA Marshall Space Center.
Celina M. Sumrall BSCE (1995) MSCE (2003) Field Operations Engineer, Mississippi Department of Transportation
Jim Ferguson, Jr. BSCE (1995) East Baton Rouge Parish Department of Public Works, Design Engineering Division
Rick Ferguson BSCE (1991) Senior Bridge Engineer, Pickering, Inc., Jackson, MS
Barrett E. Green BSCE (1990) Director, Portfolio Management & Corporate Development, Entergy
John E. Robbins BSCE (1989) Project Manager, Eutaw Construction Company, Aberdeen, Mississippi
Stephen O'Connor BSCE (1989) Chief Bridge Engineer, Department of Highway and Traffic, Saint Louis County, Missouri
Thomas G. Dunlap BSGE (1988) BSCE (1989) MS (1990) Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Burns Cooley Dennis, Inc.; ASCE Mississippi Section President (02-03)
Robert Alan Jenkins BSCE (1986) Jenkins Engineering, Inc., Tupelo, MS
William D Young, III BSCE (1984) President, Pinnacle Construction, UM 2001 School of Engineering Distinguished Alumni Lecture speaker
Wes Dean BSCE (1983) State Traffic Engineer, Mississippi Department of Transportation
William R. Reed BSCE (1981) President and General Manager, Cives Steel Company, Mid South Division
Adnan A. Basma BSCE (1980)
Ph.D. (1985)
Department Chair, Civil Engineering, University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. (Deceased in 2004)
Rick Turner BSCE (1980) Window Observational Research Facility Manager, NASA
David N. DeLeeuw BSCE (1979) Program Director, Mississippi Transportation Design Branch, Post, Buckley, Schuh & Jernigan, Jackson, MS; President (01-02), Mississippi Engineering Society
Joy Portera BSCE (1979) Assistant Chief Engineer--Operations, Mississippi Department of Transportation (Retired)
Wade Stinson BSCE (1978) Vice President, Construction and Maintenance, Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division.
Roy Anthony DiVincenti BSCE (1978) CEO, Professional Forensic Services, Inc.
Nadim M. Aziz BSCE (1978)
MS (1980)
Ph.D. (1984)
Department Chair, Professor of Civil Engineering, Clemson University
Jeff W. Rish, III BSCE (1977) Ph.D. ME (1985 Head, Electro-Optics Sensing & Surveillance Technology Branch, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Panama City
Richard "Dick" Sipos BSME (1971) BSCE (1977) Richard Sipos Consulting
Alfred "Al" Crawley BSCE (1974)
MSCE (1978)
Consulting Engineer, Crawley & Associates, formerly, Director of Research, Department of Transportation, State of Mississippi.
Robert Moss BSCE (1971) Moss Construction Co.
Joseph F. Lauderdale BSCE (1971) Owner of Consulting Engineering Firm, Olive Branch, MS, UM 1994 Engineers of Distinction Award
Bill Rigby BSCE (1971) Senior General Manager, Mississippi Band of the Choctaw Indians; formerly, (retired) Vice President for Facilities Services, BE&K Government Group, Birmingham, AL.
William "Butch" Porter BSCE (1971) President, W. H. Porter & Co., Inc.
Steven Kent Howell BSCE (1971) Owner, Endevco Inc., Oxford, MS
Clark C.K. Liu MSCE (1969) Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Hawaii, Manoa
J. Gorman Schaffer BSCE (1967)
MS (1969)
Principal and Executive Vice President, Neel-Schaffer, Inc., Jackson, MS., UM 2000 Engineers of Distinction Award
T. Paul Teng MSCE (1966) Director, Office of Infrastructure R&D, Federal Highway Administration.
Chun-Tsung Wang MSCE (1966) Former President, National Taiwan Ocean University
G. Edward Hargraves BSCE (1964) Partner, Askew Hargraves Harcocurt & Associates, Inc.
William G. Yates, Jr. BSCE (1963)
President, Yates Construction Co. (Largest in Mississippi, ranked in top 50 in the US), UM 1992 Engineers of Distinction Award
Billy Woodrow Key BSCE (1961) Contract Administration Engineer, Mississippi Department of Transportation
A. Garner Russell BSCE (1960) Owner, A. Garner Russell & Associates
John Jernigan BSCE (1960) Director, Civil / Transportation Division, Ellers, Oakley, Chester & Rike
Bobby Whitaker BSCE (1960) Retired, Metcalf & Eddy, Construction Manager
Hubert L. Foley, Jr. BSCE (1959) Hubert L. Foley, Jr. and Associates, P.A., Consulting Engineers, New Albany, Mississippi.
James Davis Quin BSCE (1958) UM 1992 Engineers of Distinction Award
James W. Barnette BSCE (1958) President, Coastcon Corp., UM 2001 Engineers of Distinction Award
Thomas W. Elliott BSCE (1956) UM 1996 Engineers of Distinction Award, Owner, Elliott & Britt Engineering, Oxford, Mississippi
Joe Davis Brown BSCE (1955) UM 1993 Engineers of Distinction Award
Alton Keith Gilbert BSCE (1951) Manager of Highway Engineering, Automobile Club of Southern California (Retired).
Taylor McElroy BSCE(1950) Assistant State Construction Engineer (Retired), Mississippi Department of Transportation.
David Galloway BSCE (1943) Civil Engineer, Exxon (Retired)
Sam Waggoner BSCE (1943) Former Mississippi State Highway Commissioner, UM 2006 Engineers of Distinction Award
Henry C. Brevard, Jr. BSCE (1943) B&B Concrete, Tupelo, MS, UM 1987 Engineers of Distinction Award
Douglas S. Jennings BSCE (1942) (Deceased) Senior Civil Engineer, Monsanto Corp., Pensacola, Florida
George H. Kimmons BSCE (1941) UM 1983 Engineers of Distinction Award
Clifford G. Worsham BSCE (1939) UM 1983 Engineers of Distinction Award
Prescott Sherman BSCE (1938) President, PASCO Realty and Development Corp. (retired), UM 2003 Engineers of Distinction Award