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Dr. Cheng,

How are you doing? I enjoyed finally getting to meet you at the engineering job fair last semester. I am currently serving as the ASCE Mississippi Section Younger Members Chairperson. I'm really focusing on encouraging involvement from the university students this year. We want to maintain contact and membership with the students after graduation. Involvement with the Younger Members Council, as students, will provide them with contacts and exposure to the professional engineering world. The Mississippi section meeting will be at Mississippi State University in April. I will let you know an exact date as soon as it is determined. I would like for the Ole Miss chapter and any civil students or faculty to attend, if possible. Are the students participating in the steel bridge competition this year? I would like to have them do a short presentation at the meeting, if possible. I want the professional members to have the opportunity to see what the students are involved with. Attached is an application for scholarships which are being offered for the next school year. Please make this available to all civil engineering students as soon as possible so that they may participate. The deadline is March 30. This is an excellent opportunity for students to receive financial aid, so I encourage all students interested to apply. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.



Amber Miller Cutcliff
Aviation Engineering
Neel-Schaffer, Inc.
Jackson, MS