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Email received 1/11/06

Upon graduation with BSCE from Ole Miss in May '50, I was fortunate to be employed by the Merritt-Chapman & Scott Corp., New York City as one of their Field Engineers. My first assignment was construction of 7 piers for a bridge across the Severn River at Annapolis, MD. We lost 7 workmen in 14 months which made me begin to feel maybe I had chosen the wrong field of endeavor for my professional career. Thank God for OSHA being created soon after that because I was witness to only one other death during construction in the next 40 years. My employment with MC&S lasted 6 years, 2 years as Field Engineer and 4 as Design Engineer in the N Y Office. My assignments included design & drawings for falsework, concrete forms, cofferdams, sheet pile bulkheads, etc. on some notable structures including Mackinac Bridge, Tappan Zee Bridge, Priest Rapids Dam on the Columbia River near Spokane, WA plus several pipeline river crossings. In '56 I returned to MS and began working for MS State Highway Dept. working in the field on location and construction of I-55 and was later transferred to the central office in Jackson where I had various positions in the Bridge & Construction Divisions retiring in '88 as Asst. State Construction Engr. I've done a few consulting assignments since '88 but none worth talking about.

Do not know if my experiences are worth an interview but I'm like an Ole Fire Horse, still enjoy whinneying now & then.

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