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T. Paul Teng, M.S.C.E. (1966)

Having completed a bachelor's degree in civil engineering in Taiwan, T. Paul Teng ('66) enrolled in the engineering graduate program on a research assistantship in the 1960s. Now Director of Office of Infrastructure R&D, Federal Highway Administration, he says Ole Miss helped him realize his potential as a "self-starter and self-motivator." He also credits the University with teaching him the rudiments of engineering and laying the groundwork for his career with the U.S. Department of Transportation, as well as broadening his appreciation of people of diverse cultures.

"Thirty years ago, there were not many Asian people at Ole Miss, but looking back I know it was a wise decision [to attend the University]. Ole Miss was generous in offering me that assistantship," Teng says. "What I appreciate most of all was the personable atmosphere and the personal interest others took in me. I really learned to communicate and get along with all kinds of people, and being able to communicate and get along is one of the most important aspects of any field."

(Engineered for Success, by Karyn Smith and Mary Ann Connell)