School of Engineering Departments and Programs

Chun-Tsung Wang

Although Civil Engineering Department at Ole Miss was a small department, CT was able to learn a lot from professors at different departments, particularly from his M.S. thesis adviser, Dean Karl Brenkert Jr. on fluid mechanics problems and from Dr. Samuel DeLeeuw on solid mechanics problems. With M.S. degree from Ole Miss in 1966, he went on to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for his Ph.D. degree in CE department.

CT went back to Taiwan to serve as an associate research fellow at Academia Sinica. Then he had chances to help establishing the Ship Model Basin, Graduate Institute of Naval Architecture and the Department of Naval Architecture at National Taiwan University. He also served as the first Head of the Department and the Institute.

In 1978 on his sabbatical, CT went back to Ole Miss as a visiting professor at CE Department. He had chances to know many new friends, such as professors V.K. Gupta, Samuel Wang, Yui Liong and E. Waymire etc. He and his wife, Momsan, and two children had a wonderful year there.

Returned to Taipei, he began to serve as the Adviser on Science & Technology to the Minister of Education, Dean of Academic Affairs at National Central University, Dean of the College of Engineering at National Taiwan University, and finally as the President of National Taiwan Ocean University. Now he is a professor at the Department of Naval Architecture at National Taiwan University.

In the past few years, CT was also asked to help the National Science Council in organizing assistive technology research and development programs to help the disabled through a special Office to Reach Disabilities.

CT wrote 2 books and has more than 100 publications in journals and technical reports. Besides the many academic and service awards he received, CT also served as the President of the Society of Theoretical & Applied Mechanics, and the President of the Society of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

CT is a member of the Holy Word Church at Taipei. He served as the President of the University Christian Faculty & Staff Fellowship, and the President of Christian Professionals Faith Hope Love Association. He is the Chairman of the Board of Campus Evangelical Fellowship.

(September 2001)