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Bobby Whitaker, Ole Miss BSCE 1960

Dr. Cheng,

Thank you for the contact. It's great to hear the good news about Civil Engineering at Ole Miss, and your thoughts in giving those of us who are out of the mainstream an opportunity to "stay connected" are deeply appreciated. I'll look forward to returning to campus in the relatively near future and look forward to meeting you.

I'm a January 1960 graduate, and I suspect all my professors (Tom Stallworth, Zack Sherman, Ken Stead, et. al.) have long since retired - although my son reported to me that Dr. Stead was his professor also in the late '70s. Dr. Stead was just starting out at Ole Miss when I left. I also understand that a classmate of mine, James Barnette of Corpus Christi, Texas, was recently named Engineering Alumnus of the Year.

I'm currently completing (ETC, May 2004) an assignment as construction manager on a US-funded wastewater project in Alexandria, Egypt. I thought I was retired 4 years ago when Metcalf & Eddy called from Boston. My background includes several construction management jobs in the Middle East (I was a Middle East specialist during my US Army career), and a stint as legal advisor to the Saudi Arabian Air Force. I studied Middle East Affairs at the U. of Arizona and Law at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. The unique mix of education and experience has certainly kept an old man working! I had no idea what lay ahead of me when I started out in Engineering School at Ole Miss in September 1955, but it's been a great - if somewhat eclectic - career, and I'm grateful for the start I had there.

Thanks again for your time, Dr. Cheng, and continued success with the Civil Engineering program at Ole Miss.


Bobby V. (Bob) Whitaker
BSCE, Ole Miss Class of 1959 (January 1960)